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Overview of Plexus Products and Company

Information on Plexus Slim

Information on Plexus Fast Relief

Information on Candida, Probiotics and Intestinal Health
Carbs and Gut Microbes Fuel Colon Cancer
Probiotics Benefit Metabolic Syndrome Patients

Excellent explanation of how Candida is at the root of so many health issues:

What Makes Plexus Probio 5 Different from Other Probiotics:

Information on Ingredients in Plexus Products

Information On How Insulin Impacts Our Health

This video is excellent and definitely worth taking an hour to watch. Serene and Pearl are so enjoyable and easy to listen to and this is full of health information. They especially do a superb job explaining the effects of blood sugar on the body. Trim Healthy Mama and Plexus Slim are both based on the same principle of balancing blood sugar, by which a host of other health issues are then resolved. I think that THM and Plexus would work beautifully together. (Or for those like me, who just aren't able to follow the THM plan right now, Plexus is a great place to start.) :

How the Adrenals Cause All Kinds of Problems

Insulin Resistance Common in Patients with Health Disorders

Probiotics are a MUST for type-2 diabetics: Research

Metabolic Syndrome: The Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions

'Spoonful of Sugar' Makes The Worms' Lifespan Go Down

How to Banish Afternoon Fatigue

The Effects of Chronically Elevated Cortisol Levels

Scarring Is Key To Link Between Obesity And Diabetes

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