"Have I mentioned how Plexus has given me my life back again? After 5 years of struggling with Chronic Lymes (I actually contracted lymes 6 years ago this month when my youngest, Valorie was 4 months old) and the last year dealing with Adrenal Fatigue and Candida I can finally function again!! No more pain throughout my body, no more brain fog, I sleep like a baby, my outlook on life is brighter, overall, so much easier to live life with all it's stressors. SO SO GREAT!! If you are struggling healthwise, Plexus could be your answer to prayer - IT WAS MINE!!"

"I am a stay at home mom to 5, a farmer's wife and homeschooler, for what it's worth this is my story...Nine years ago after the birth of our 5th child I experienced a health crisis. To make a long story short, the following years I experienced a variety of different symptoms that through many Dr visits and testing couldn't diagnose or help.I spent a lot of time researching, learning and gaining discernment in making the right changes to my diet and started healing my body through nutrition, food and supplements...through lots of trial and error! Diet has been huge but I have never found other products or supplements that made much of a difference and I have tried many things in the past 9 years. Through some of the testing I had done since then, I found out that I am hypoglycemic, during my pregnancies I was borderline gestational diabetic, my adrenals were fatigued, which I also learned involves the thyroid. This explained my fatigue, mid day slumps, no energy & lack of concentration. My cortisol levels were high at night which meant waking with insomnia, anxiety and a pounding heart. In the mornings especially, I dealt with inflammation, joint pain and tingling & numbness in my hands.My monthly cycles were very painful and a big interruption to life. I was exhausted most of the time and often felt like I was just surviving my day.About seven months ago a friend of mine shared info onPlexus Slim with me. To be honest if I had heard about this product any other way I probably would not have put much trust in it. I would have easily defined it as a gimmic! However, I had been following this friends research in different health topics for the last 9 years and trusted her recommendations and it caught my attention.So after some research of my own, in the midst of the stress of packing and moving I decided that that would be a great time to test this product out. Immediately I was AMAZED, that first week I began seeing little changes in my energy, my focus and my rest at night.Six months after starting my 'pink drink' I have never again experienced that night time insomnia and anxiety! Not once! That alone has been worth it to us! My energy has been amazing, I have increased focus, my anxiety is GONE and I actually FEEL really rested! Over time I started seeing improvements with ache joints and inflammation issues as well. My blood sugars have stabilized and I have experienced much improvement in my over all health. My complexion has been much less prone to break out, my monthly cycles have been improving by the month... most months I was on the couch with my feet up most of my cycle dealing with heavy flow, cramps, bloating & headaches. Since starting on Plexus Slim, with time, each cycle has been improving the longer I take it...I'm talking clearer complexion, zero cramps, no heavy flow, no pounding headaches, and barely lasts 3 days....yeah, really! The best part is that this month instead of being on the couch I was in my garden planting potatoes!! Ladies, *this* is how a menstrual cycle should be! and with time I keep discovering more and more areas in my health that have been improving. I had all but given up hope of ever feeling like I use to.This past week we celebrated our 5 child's 9th birthday, THIS birthday I feel so completely different, Blood glucose levels are so important!!A couple months ago I added Plexus' Pro-bio-5 and Bio-cleanse to the slim. Even though I usually eat a low-glycemic and low sugar diet I saw my cravings for carbs and sugars disappear! Although I didn't have much weight to loose, after adding these 2 products to the slim I have finally seen those last few stubborn pounds begin moving! I've never seen such great results with my digestion and elimination than I have with these products...they really work!!Plexus has truly been an amazing find for me, with TIME and consistency (7 months now) I am seeing results that amaze me!! For me, this was not about weight loss, it has been about being able to get my health back which has enabled me to do the jobs God gives me in my everyday, better (wife, mom, teacher, friend etc.) ...it truly heals from the inside out!"

"I believe in whole foods and holistic remedies. I have spent years reading and learning about different whole food supplements and how they can help. I seek out raw milk, grassfed and finished beef, cage free chicken and eggs, wild caught fish, avoid vegetable oils, use coconut oil and butter, love the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation, simmer homemade bone broths on my stove for days, ferment my own Kefir and kombucha, make my own soy-free mayonnaise, etc...
However, I suffered with horrible hormonal issues (heavy unstoppable periods, lack if libido, hot flashes, mood swings, depression, irregular cycles, anxiety, chronic fatigue, constantly aching lower back, bladder control issues, tender breasts, brain fog, etc.). I read many wholistic articles trying to find relief. I tried progesterone cream with some success, but not complete relief of symptoms, plus it caused me to have 2 periods a month. I was at the end of my rope when I saw my dear friend post about finally being free from her symptoms of Endometriosis and PCOS and off all of her hormones after trying Plexus. I skeptically asked her to send me the ingredient list - I'm adamant about ingredient lists... It cannot contain soy, artificial sweeteners, carrageenan, artificial colors, vanillin, bht, etc... I was pleasantly surprised by the ingredient list and found many of the ingredients I had read about for years were in Plexus. I still felt this is too good to be true, I mean, I had so many of those supplements in my medicine cabinet already, why hadn't they worked for me before? I skeptically ordered, and remained skeptical for the first 3 weeks, then it hit me that so many of my hormonal issues were significantly reduced or completely gone! My husband noticed my moods especially and joked that it's like having a new wife. Any of my remaining issues continued to improve over the next two months and I'm so thankful that I am free of these issues today! It has really been life changing for me! I am so thankful for The Lord putting April and this all natural product in my life! I've also lost 27lbs which is just the icing on the cake for me. I saw my neurologist (sleep dr) and my primary care doctor this week and they both were excited for all of the positive changes they saw in me and approved for me to continue taking Plexus. My husband has lost 20lbs and has been able to reduce his blood pressure medication. For me Plexus is about restoring the natural balance in your body to the way God intended it to be, and reaping the benefits of balance and health."

"My early years of marriage were difficult, to say the least. My hormones completely ran my life. I had been on anti-depressants since high school. At one point a counselor suggested I may have bi-polar disorder. What I had, in fact, was a serious hormone imbalance that was ruining my teens and 20s. My libido was virtually non-existent, the depression came in spurts and the monthly PMS was so severe that at times I felt an alien had come to take over my body. I hated being that person. It would go on for days, until my cycle started and I could go back to being “normal” for a couple weeks. But the damage and hurt I spewed out during those few days, remained. God bless my husband, who has been able to love me in spite of it all, because I think he knows deep down that the crazy hormone woman was never the real me.

Add 2 babies, now ages 7 and 3, to the mix of hormones and what I discovered is this: I had the “normal” amount of progesterone when I was pregnant, making me feel 100% awesome! The energy level, libido and great moods I had when I was pregnant tipped me off to the fact that something was horribly messed up on the hormonal level in my body. The post-partum depression after both of my kids was pretty severe and required medication. I had hormone testing done and supplemented with bio-identical hormones for awhile, but stopped using them because I wasn’t confident they were safe after doing boatloads of research.

Fast forward to June of 2013, when I hit a major brick wall with my health. I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, a candida overgrowth, depression, food allergies, weight gain and anxiety. I was living on what I call “coffee and kid scraps” at that point in time, despite everything I know and believe about healthy eating & cooking from scratch. I will never forget sitting in my doctor’s office and crying that day. I told her that I felt the last 2 decades of my life had been lost. Utterly wasted. I was mourning for the years I had been a slave to the hormones that controlled me. What were supposed to be “the best years of my life” were anything but. She said, “The second half of your 30s and your 40s could be absolutely amazing!” Honestly, I didn’t believe a word she said.

In April of 2014, my husband decided to try Plexus Slim after seeing a before and after picture on a friend’s Facebook wall. He had such great results after a few weeks that I decided (with my doctor’s approval) to get on board. I was hoping that I could lose a few pounds, but didn’t really expect ANYTHING like I have experienced these last 2 months.

In the 9 weeks I have been using Plexus Slim, my whole life has changed! The 3 pm crash? Gone. The raging PMS? My period started this month I didn’t even know it was coming!! The mood swings? I am so much more even tempered with my family now. The insomnia and “tired and wired” feeling every night? Sleeping like a baby—at 11 pm for 2 months straight. The sugar and carb cravings? Nada. The libido that never existed? Well….let’s just say that isn’t an issue anymore! LOL

If those were the only benefits I got from using Slim, ProBio5 and Bio Cleanse—I would be THRILLED!!! But, the icing on the cake is the 19 inches (yes, 19!) I have lost in the past 4 weeks! I didn’t measure until week 5, but I have lost 3 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my hips, 2 inches off each thigh, etc. etc. The funny part is that I have only lost 4 pounds this month (10 lb total). That would seem disappointing if I weren’t wearing 2 sizes smaller in shirts and a size smaller pants! I feel absolutely amazing—beyond amazing. My family and I have Plexus to thank for giving me the kind of life I didn’t even know was possible. Now I am on a mission to share these products with anyone who will listen! Plexus is soooo much more than just a weight loss product. I am proof of that!

"I have Lymes and severe adrenal fatigue. I had migraines and headaches nearly daily. I had trouble getting anything done. I was constantly exhausted. Sleep never helped. I am 30. I couldn't believe how bad I felt. And often thought 'if I live to 40 it might make me wheelchair bound. I had a crazy foggy brain. Generally had no idea what I had talked about when finishing a conversation. Homeschooling my children had gotten hard. Simple problems baffled me. All this caused anger and frustration on my end. I told my husband a few times that if I could quit my job I would. It was horrid. Horrid.

Brenda called and talked to me about plexus last mth. I quickly ordered and took it straight away. I can't handle the accelerator makes me feel floaty. In 2 weeks or less my brain was returning. I was a little annoyed not to see a change in my size. Til it dawned on me that 'I' was returning. My brain is still a little foggy. But I can function! I have what to do fun things again! I want to sew. See friends. Read to my children ( without stumbling over words! ) it really was bad!

I had a couple relapse days last week. But a couple days ago realized it was cause I really overdid myself. My body isn't as caught up as my brain is. I have to pace myself still. My body was in a bad place still is but now I have HOPE!
This mth I want to do 2 packs a day to see if that is a help. I am holding lots of water. And I weigh 70lbs more than I should.
I adore plexus. And can honestly say I don't care if I don't lose any weight. God is still using plexus to save my life."

"I have to share that since starting Plexus back in October (posted in March)...I've not had 1 migraine headache. Not one! This is amazing for me!! I no longer NEED my coffee. I have sustained energy throughout the day. I feel so good and have for quite some time now that I can't remember how terrible I use to feel. Sure I've had a detox week here or there, but once through those, it's been nothing short of amazing!"

~Testimonials appearing on this site are not affiliated with Plexus Worldwide Inc. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services.~

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