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When I first joined Plexus I was interested in trying the products wholesale, but being rather disgusted with MLM hype and sales tactics as a whole, I had no intention of pursuing it as a business.

However, as the products began to help not only me, but my husband as well, I began researching the products, the company and the business and became more and more impressed with all three.

If you are a busy mother who would like to have a home business, but you have limited time and/or energy, Plexus is an excellent option. I would love to have you join me in spreading the word to others (especially our fellow mothers) with health issues. 

Here are some reasons you might be interested in joining Plexus too:

1. Solid company. Plexus was just named #8 of the top ten fastest growing privately owned companies in America. (#2 in Health). They are also debt free.

2. Excellent and extremely effective products These products actually work and this makes them very easy to share. It is exciting to not only feel better yourself, but to also see other people getting well. There are thousands of testimonies of people whose lives have been changed because of Plexus products.

3. Inexpensive to start  It's just $34.95 a year and includes your own personal, referral website. 

4. Purchase at wholesale prices with the option to earn commissions on your own orders and the orders of those you refer. You can also buy a one time only Welcome Pack of products at special, below wholesale prices.

5. No monthly minimums required if you just want to join to purchase at wholesale prices. If you would like to earn commissions and build a business there is a $100.00 monthly minimum which can come from your own orders or the orders of customers who purchase through your link (or both). 

6. No need to sell products, stock inventory or hold parties. Those are options, but not at all required.

7. You can share through social media Many people in Plexus have built successful businesses by mostly just sharing on facebook.

8. Excellent support and training I was delighted to find that the team I ended up in (or I should say the Lord placed me in) was full of lovely, Christian, homeschooling mothers with a passion to help people get well and to glorify God. They have several facebook groups for members that are full of health and product information, business training and lots of encouragement (and none of the oily sales hype I was afraid of.) 

9. Excellent compensation plan Plexus has a very generous compensation plan structured for anyone-even non salespeople-to be able to earn an excellent income. 

10. The business is extremely tweakable to fit each personality and situation in life. Being a busy homeschooling mother (not to mention being an introvert!) I appreciate this so much.

Ready to join? Here are step by step instructions!

1. First, click  the "Join" link here or below to get started. 

2. Next, you have the one-time option of choosing a deeply discounted Welcome Pack, offered at the time of joining or within 60 days. (I recommend D, F, I, or J. I is my favorite.) Otherwise just click on the $34.95 Annual Membership/Replicated Website/Web Hosting Fee. 

3. Scroll all the way down and click ‘Agree’.

4. This will then take you to the next page which is the "AutoQualification" page. Choose one that you like, but keep in mind you can always change it, customize it  and turn it off later.The AutoQual is just a back up order that will ship if you forget to place your regular monthly order and wish to remain qualified to earn commission.  The AutoQual will not ship if you have already reached your monthly minimum. (Your monthly minimum can come from your own orders or the orders of those who order through your website - or both!) You also have the option to turn the AutoQual off later if you are not interested in earning commission (there is no monthly minimum required if you just want to buy the products at wholesale prices).

5. The last step is where you fill out your name, address and choose your website name.  It will be (you decide what to put in the blank). Then you will pay and receive your confirmation. That's it!

Plexus Worldwide will send you a welcome email with your Ambassador number and the password you chose to log in to your new website. This is the link you can then share when others want to try Plexus too. One other thing: if the site asks for my Ambassador number during the joining process, it is 290773. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. To join, click here then click the word "Join" in the upper right hand corner.

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