There are three different ways you can buy from Plexus :

1. Retail - Order as needed at full price with a 60 day money back guarantee.

2. Preferred Customer - Order at a discounted price and set up a recurring monthly order which you can easily cancel or change - even before your second order. Also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

3. Join - For 34.95 a year you can purchase at wholesale prices, have the option to buy a one time only Welcome Pack at a special below wholesale price, and earn commissions on your own orders and the orders of those you refer. For more information on this option, please click here!

Once you are ready to buy, click on the order button and you can choose your option then. Listed below are my favorite products from Plexus. Please click here if you would like to see their entire selection of excellent health products.

Slim (The "Pink Drink"!)

Plexus Slim is the most-natural way to lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle. Slim also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels. In addition, Slim helps reduce binge eating and increases your willpower over food. Simply pour into a bottle of water 30 minutes before a meal, drink, and experience the results you've been dreaming of..

Plexus Slim was originally engineered by 3 doctors to help regulate blood glucose levels in diabetics. It contains all natural plant extracts mixed with stevia for sweetness, is fruit flavored, and has beetroot extract for color. It has Alpha-lipoic acid which is an antioxidant naturally made by the body to help turn glucose into energy.
Features & Benefits:
  • Safe and effective weight control
  • Helps regulate blood sugars
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes beneficial cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Proven ingredients—including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, and Garcinia Cambogia—that address all areas of weight loss
  • No meal replacements
  • No shakes
  • Fast and easy
  • Saves you time
  • A simple solution combined with water to help you succeed
  • Natural ingredients with no artificial coloring or flavoring and no hidden MSG

Bio Cleanse


As a result of the modern lifestyle, most of our bodies are burdened with toxic waste and sluggish metabolisms. A specially formulated Magnesium Oxide compound with Oxygen Enhancement and Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, Plexus Bio Cleanse can help do the following:
  • Oxygenates the entire body
  • Detoxifies and cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract and arteries
  • Energizes both physically and mentally
  • Neutralizes acidic conditions that may promote pathogens
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Supports collagen production
  • Relieves constipation


Do you suffer from sugar cravings, inexplicable fatigue or bloating, anxiety or a “brain fog”? Fortunately, ProBio5 provides a solution to many of today’s “mystery” symptoms. ProBio5 features five extra strength probiotics, added enzymes, intestinal flora, B6 and Grape Seed extract – all in one effective delivery system – that supports the breaking down of hostile organisms that negatively impact your health.

ProBio5 may provide the following benefits:

  • Yeast organism (Candida) and fungal cleanse
  • Proper probiotic balance in the intestinal tract
  • Proper intestinal balance which increases nutrient absorption
  • Relief from typical Candida symptoms (anxiety, recurring irritability, lethargy, allergies, acne, dry/flaky skin, migraines, and so forth)

X Factor Vitamins

Plexus X Factor is a turbocharged multivitamin and antioxidant supplement with a never-before-seen formulation of a patented aloe blend, New Zealand Blackcurrant, and vitamins and minerals—all of which results in vastly improved absorption and assimilation for optimal nutrition and wellness protection.

Features & Benefits:
  • Delivers several B vitamins, vitamins D, C and E, the antioxidant protection of New Zealand Blackcurrants, and the impressive nutrient profile of Aloe
  • Oxygenates the body, safeguarding against damaged/dysfunctional cells
  • Provides super-potent antioxidant protection
  • Delivers support for whole-body wellness
  • Super-charges the body’s various immune activities
  • Clinical trials show that regular consumption of Blackcurrants reduces the oxidation that causes muscle stiffening and fatigue, improves kidney function, increases blood flow and circulation, and improves eye function and visual fatigue.

These four products work beautifully together as a system. If you are able, start with these.  (If not, then just start with the Slim). If you suffer from pain, you can add in the Fast Relief Capsules too.

Fast Relief Capsules


To reduce pain on long-term basis, you will want to take the FAST RELIEF™ Capsules. Day after day, you will notice the pain becoming less and less. That's all there is to this amazing Pain Relief System, take the Pain Cream for immediate relief and the Pain Capsules for more long term relief.

Features & Benefits:
  • All-natural
  • Unique, proprietary ingredient blend
  • Provides comprehensive “inside-outside” synergistic relief with the FAST RELIEF cream
  • Promotes proper inflammatory mechanisms
  • Soothes swollen, damaged joints and tissues
  • Protects the body’s cells, tissues and joints from discomfort
  • No side effects like those common to synthetic drugs
  • Fast Relief Capsules contains Lyprinol, a shellfish extract

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Fast Relief Cream

 Plexus Fast Relief™ Cream is for fast, temporary relief of inflammation and helps the body to reduce pain quickly, safely and effectively. Simply rub the cream on the area giving you pain and within minutes you will have the temporary relief that you want

Features & Benefits:
  • All-natural, proprietary ingredient blend
  • Provides synergistic “inside-outside” relief with the FAST RELIEF capsules
  • Non-greasy and with pleasant scent
  • Fast Relief Cream contains Lyprinol, a shellfish extract

Fast Relief Nerve Health


Nerve damage is present to some degree in most cases of pain, especially neck and back pain. Nerve Damage can occur due to trauma, medication side effects, or other metabolic issues. New Plexus FAST RELIEF Nerve Health Support can provide symptomatic relief while promoting the regeneration of damaged nerves by stimulating the body to create Nerve Growth Factor.

Features & Benefits:
  • Specially formulated combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids.
  • FAST RELIEF Nerve Health Support helps the body generate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), the only peptide that can help stimulate the regeneration of damaged nerve fibers.
  • May reduce the associated symptoms from nerve damage of pain, numbness, tingling, 'pins and needles' sensations, and weakness.
  • Relief from pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and neuropathy due to diabetes.
More info on Fast Relief Nerve Health here.

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