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Testimony Tuesday ~ August 18, 2014

I love, use and highly recommend Plexus products.  The testimonies are what first broke through my skepticism about Plexus and what keep me marveling at how amazingly this stuff really, actually works.

Since I am never quite sure what life will look like one day, or one week, to the next I hesitate to ever devote a blog theme to a specific day. However, I am hoping to post a health testimony here every Tuesday. Even if it is the end of Tuesday.

I hope that by so doing you will be encouraged! You may have been sick for a long time, as many of the people in the stories I will be posting were. These folks did find help and healing. Don't lose hope.

From Trina:

"I am writing this today to give my testimony.

This is called, " MY MIRACLE"

I would like to start by saying a heart felt thank you to my family and close friends, and my Lord and Savior for always being there and supporting me through this, even though I know it was just as difficult for you.
I have been battling 2 auto-immune diseases called inflammatory neuropathy which gave me the secondary disease of fibromayalgia. They effect all body nerves and muscles and have caused nerve damage in my legs, feet, arms and hands and some muscle damage in my legs. Every treatment given for these diseases I have turned out to be highly allergic to. So, my only treatments were pain pills and muscle relaxers.

They considered my case to be extreme because my body was overly sensitive to meds, ran a constant low grade fever, prone to staph infections, mini seizures, body stopped producing folic acid, pancreas not producing enough digestive enzymes to absorb nutrients from foods, and extreme pain and fatigue. Depending on how physical the activity I did one day, would put me in bed for several days to recover. I would go into remission about every 6 mths until around 3 yrs ago. The pain pills and muscle relaxers could no longer keep up with pain and I ended up in bed more than I was out of it.

I found a neurologist who agreed to do a high powered IV infusion treatment that consisted of a 2 day, 2 hour treatment every month. At first, the horrible side effects were worth the decrease in pain and increase in mobility but after a few months it became more of a poison to my body and started making me sicker instead of relieving the pain.

So, he decided to send me to a spinal injection specialist who at first refused to give me the treatment until he did a test injection to see if he could even numb the nerves. When that worked, he agreed to take the risk (because I was allergic). The injection did not work as well as we had hoped it would and caused more pain in my legs and I just felt sick.

By this point, my body, mind and soul had had enough. Instead of praying for God to take away the pain or to heal me, I was praying for Him to take me and for it to be over for me and my family. I didn't feel like I had anymore fight left in me and didn't want my family and my kids to have to suffer along with me anymore. I told Michael, my husband that I wasn't in a good place and so he took me to church and God answered my prayer his way. I can't explain what happened to me that morning other than to say that He ... showed me mercy and took the worst of my pain away from me. It was the most profound and amazing experience of my life. That blessing lasted for 3 long glorious weeks and then the pain started to come back full force.

I was getting ready to go back for another injection, when I believe God stepped in again. My husband was noticing a difference in his Fire Chiefs over all health and weight and decided to go talk to him and his wife, Melisa about the products they were taking. He comes home and shows me the information and is excited and yet both skeptical that it could help my condition. ( been there, done that and tried just about everything). Michael convinces me to go to the meeting; thinking I will just go to support him because he's excited about losing weight and improving his blood pressure; when a woman starts talking about herself and her daughter. Struggling with a disease that effects the collagen in their bodies and the joint pain and fatigue they suffer from and how these products were helping them and how her blood work came back improved.

After listening to her, we looked at each other and I said, "okay, I'll try it ".

I am so excited to report that I have been taking Plexus Products for 4 weeks and I have not taken one pain pill or muscle relaxer since I started.

I have been able to stay active and out of bed all day long. I can do what I want, be active all day long and get up the next morning like a normal person and start all over again. I am not saying I am cured or pain free but the worse pain is tolerable and my limb pain in minimal. I haven't been able to do this in forever. I EVEN MOWED MY LAWN !!! You should have seen the look on my husbands face when he came home and saw what I was doing. lol PRICELESS !!!!

Thanks to Plexus and to my Lord and Savior, I have my life back. My family has me back.

Even Michael was seeing results with his weight and heartburn issues within 2 wks of taking the Plexus products.(slim, biocleanse & probio5)

Noah, my 15 yr old football player is no longer suffering from severe IBS symptoms that have sent him to the ER and says he just feels better and really loves to drink the slim. (gets mad if we run out) ha ha (slim, biocleanse probio5)

I am putting my story out there now, because when God blesses you and your life, you are to be a witness to others and share it so that others can see and receive his blessings as well. And that is what these products and this company Plexus are to me, " MY MIRACLE"."

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This product testimonial is an individual's experiences, reflecting the real life experiences of the individual who used Plexus products. However, individual results may vary. We do not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experiences recounted are typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience."

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